Meek Mill Banned From Performing for a Month

“Once you mess up with Live Nation, there’s no turning back.” — Meek Mill

For violating a judge’s mundane orders in courtroom proceeds that were anything but, Meek Mill has basically been grounded for the holidays, meaning he’s got to cancel some performances in Africa, on “Conan,” and elsewhere. (The chart-topping Philly rapper still has to show up to court from time to time because of gun and drug charges dating back to 2008.) The judge seem to have had two problems with Meek (nee Robert Williams).

One, he booked shows after November 16th, which he apparently wasn’t supposed to do. Mill’s lawyer insisted the judge had confused his client for his alter ego: “Robert Williams is on probation, not Meek Mill.” Mill, for his part, claimed he didn’t reschedule concerts because he feared retribution from the Live Nation overlords.

Two, Mill wasn’t checking in regularly with his probation officer. Why? “I have never had voice mail,” Mill said. “I never had the ability to set voice mail up, because people are always calling me, asking me for money.” Plus, his attorney said, what’s the point of a probation officer when you’ve “got two million Twitter followers,” documenting your every move. [Inquirer]