New Jersey To Vote on Conversion Therapy

Should minors be protected from the anti-gay therapy?

Photo by Think Stock

New Jersey could become the second state in the nation (California was the first) to pass a new law that would ban reparative – also known as conversion therapy. The controversial treatment seeks to alter sexual orientation from gay to straight – and is often directed at young people despite there being no proof to its effectiveness. The American Psychiatric Association has actually refuted claims from conversion therapy groups, going so far as to suggest it can cause depression and even suicide in young people.

But this new bill, sponsored by Sen Steve Sweeney, would ban the practice in the Garden State for those younger than 18 years old.

And while Gov. Chris Christie has already vetoed marriage equality legislation, the fate of conversion therapy will rest on his desk. And while there are opponents to the bill – namely therapists which practice conversion therapy – Sweeney has admitted publicly that he’s confident the bill will pass as early as this week.