Lesbian Love in the ‘Burbs

A Philly author shares her story

Courtesy of the author

Joanne Fleisher was leading the life of a typical suburban wife and mother in Philly – until she fell in love with another woman. She tells her story in a new edition of her book – Living Two Lives: Married to a Man & In Love With a Womanabout what it was like coming out after being married to her husband for years, and how she eventually learned to redefine herself and her relationships.

When Fleisher first published her book more than a decade ago, the LGBT landscape was quite different. Same-sex marriage was scarcely a reality and most coming out stories were relegated to celebrity tabloids. But this new edition deals with not only her memoir, but also how to navigate same-sex attraction, family and open relationships. Fleisher updates the discussion of sexual identity and delves deeper into lesbian relationships, as well as the joys and challenges of stepfamilies.

Now a licensed clinical social worker, Fleisher conducts married women’s weekend conferences, individual and couple therapy sessions, and national and international consultations for women who are navigating coming out.

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