Philadelphia’s Crime-Solving Vidocq Society Invited to Kentucky to Solve Slaying, Be Awesome

Yes, the members of the Vidocq Society have been well-covered over the years: Any group of super-sleuths who dine together regularly at the Union League and who get called in to solve cold-case murder cases would be catnip to journalists—and really, it’s a wonder these guys don’t have their own comic book or CBS show by now, isn’t it? Well, the society has been called on again—this time to northern Kentucky to solve the May 2011 double-slaying of Bill and Peggy Stephonson, both 74. Investigators have run up against dead ends after following leads to 24 states and requesting the help of the FBI. Now they’ve asked the Vidocq Society to step in and help finally solve the case.

“This is clearly a solvable crime, and the unique characteristics of the homicide have provided valuable information about the offender,” said Mark Safarik, one of the society’s 82 members, told the local paper. Safarik then probably withdrew to his lair, which was no doubt filled with supercomputers and butlers with PhDs and hidden by all sorts of secret panels, and everybody speaks in faux-English accents, because crimes-solving clubs of super-sleuths don’t exist in real life. Jut the movies. [WTVQ I Lexington]