Yes, It Is Quite Chilly in Philadelphia

It wasn’t just your imagination: The Inquirer’s Tony Wood reports that it really has been a cold month so far. “From Oct. 30 through Nov. 10, the daily average temperature finished below normal for 12 consecutive days, and that hadn’t happened since a 12-day stretch that ended on April 3, 2011. With the month about half over, and temperatures averaging about 4 degrees below normal, November has a chance to break an impressive streak. Officially, Philadelphia hasn’t had a below-normal month since January 2011.” We remember that month! That was when one of the last really big winter storms hit Philadelphia and the rest of the northeast, badly, badly disrupting on-street parking in the city’s neighborhoods because some people won’t respect that you dug out a spot and left a chair there as your claim, damnit. We’re not due for another blizzard, are we? Wood says the models, at least, point to a chilly winter. []