Do We Really Want to Date Our Clone?

A new matchmaking site finds romantic prospects based on facial features

Does romance really come down to the the turn of the nose or shape of the eyes? (Courtesy of Find Your Facemate)

You’ve heard the old adage – the longer you date someone, the more you end up looking alike. Well, one new dating website really does think that facial features can dictate the perfect love match.

Christina Bloom, the founder and CEO of Find Your FaceMate, is helping LGBT singles find love based on similar facial features. Using facial recognition software to match couples, she thinks that chemistry can be ignited when we spot someone whose facial features are similar to our own. The website pairs prospects after examining 67 different points on the face from an uploaded photo.

She’s serious about it – and even points to a few famous gay and lesbian couples as proof, like Modern Family‘s Jesse Tyler Ferguson and his partner Justin Mikita, New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn and her spouse Kim Catullo, and Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka. She even argues that Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi are facially matched (though this one’s a stretch, if you ask us).

Even if you aren’t necessarily looking your LGBT wonder twin, Bloom offers a few tips for that first date:

Trust your first reaction. It only takes a second for your brain to react to your date’s facial features. And remember, if you feel chemistry, chances are your date feels the same thing.

Listen. Listen. Listen. This is your first chance to figure out if your style and values will match the chemistry you feel. Is your date nerdy or preppy? What’s your date looking for? Politics? Remember there is no right or wrong answer … only the answer that works for you.

Be upbeat and positive. Try to find the places you connect rather than the places you don’t connect. Love can come at you in unexpected ways, so try to stay open.

Remember, this is just the first date. You don’t have to share all the trials and tribulations of your life. Have fun. Laugh. Be yourself. There’s plenty of time to tell your whole life story – hopefully maybe even on the second date.