Guys in Chicken Suits Delivering Donuts on Mopeds?

Michael Solomonov—co-owner of Zahav and the evil genius behind Federal Donuts—recently revealed his plan for the future of the chicken and donuts joint that’s quickly hypnotizing Philadelphia. He says that he wants the chain to be just successful enough that they can employ delivery guys who will bring the delicious sweets and birds right to your door. Oh, and they’ll be wearing chicken costumes and riding mopeds fueled by recycled fryer oil. We’ve been envisioning this possibility for the past 10 minutes and it gets exponentially awesome with each passing second. Also, Steve Cook—one of the other FedNuts partners—says that he wants to have 10 shops running by 2015. Now if you’ll excuse us, we have to spend the rest of the day fantasizing about possible Federal Donuts locations. [Foobooz]