Celeb Scoop: The Rock Wins Halloween With His Incredible Hulk Costume

Plus: Patton Oswalt, Paris Hilton, Katy Perry, Paris Hilton, Miley Cyrus, and Paris Hilton in costume.

Governor Christie may have postponed Halloween in Jersey, but that didn’t stop celebrities across the country from getting dressed up. Luckily for you, we spend too much time on Twitter and were able to round up some of the photos from Hollywood’s Halloween.

Who the hell needs CGI when you can just douse The Rock in green paint and have him wear some ripped jorts. This might be the most terrifyingly awesome costume ever.

Ugh. Of Course Paris Hilton went as Alice. She’s so literary.

Patton Oswalt is probably the best celebudad ever. Great father/daughter, Spiderman/Doc Oc costume.

Check that. Jon Cryer is the best dad ever.

When you’re Paris Hilton, every day can be Halloween if you want it to be. Here she is dressed up as something or other. Of course the photo is blurry.

Katy Perry is awesome. If you didn’t think so before, you’re definitely swayed by this picture of her as Jane Lane from Daria. So much angst.

Ellen went as Sofía Vergara in her Emmys dress. Wardrobe malfunction and all.

The only way Chris Brown could have come closer to our expectations is if he had dressed up as a battered Rihanna.

Miley Cyrus went as Nicki Minaj. Pink lipstick, massive wig, butt implants(?) and all. Do you think she also made voices and tanked an award show performance?

Are you surprised that Paris Hilton dressed up at least three times? No, you’re not.