Pennsylvania High School Student Protests Grinding Ban

Somewhere, an aging Kevin Bacon is getting ready for his closeup. We’d already told you about plans at Mt. Lebanon High School—way out in Western Pennsylvania—to ban “grinding,” which is a form of dirty dancing that, well, involves grinding. (Do we really have to spell this out for you people? You were 16 once, right?) Anyway, because it’s the 21st century—and not, say, a 1980s pop-culture phemomenon set amongst the relatively isolated-but-Bible-loving people of Oklahoma—at least one student has taken it upon himself to protest the ban by writing a letter to Gawker. “I, like nearly the entire student body, feel that the banning on the style of dance that does not hurt anyone is quite absurd and think the administration should be focusing more on the small group of students that consistently shows up to dances completely trashed, which can potentially endanger many people’s lives,” the unidentified student wrote. Whereupon John Lithgow bit his lower lip, then sensitively suggested the kids might want to hold their orgies dances just outside the city limits. [Gawker]