Jersey Mom Arrested for Slapping Daughter’s Bully

Plus: A guy chains himself to the LOVE statue, a PA girl dressed as a skunk was shot by a relative, police are looking for a missing 12-year-old girl in Jersey, and more of what Philly is buzzing about today.

Jersey Mom and Grandmother Charged in Confrontation With Bullies. Jersey’s 28-year-old Rebecca Sardoni and her mother were arrested after they boarded a school bus to confront some boys who had been bullying Sardoni’s 9-year-old daughter. Sardoni allegedly slapped one of the boys and slammed his head into the window while the girl’s grandmother screamed at them. [Gawker]

Protester Chains Himself to the LOVE Statue. A man who says he’s protesting police brutality—specifically incident involving Lt. Jonathan Josey and the woman from the Puerto Rican pride celebration—chained himself to the LOVE statue on Sunday. [Fox 29]

Monday Marks the Final Presidential Debate. This one’s supposed to be focused on foreign policy. So, here’s what you should look for while you use the drink your hand to count the number of times they talk about the economy. And binders. [Politico]

PA Girl Accidentally Shot by Relative. A Pennsylvania girl was dressed in a skunk costume when a relative mistook her for an actual skunk and shot her. The relative used a shotgun and hit the girl in the arm, back, shoulder and neck. []

Police Looking for Missing 12-Year-Old. A 12-year-old Gloucester County girl has been missing since leaving her home on Saturday afternoon. Police say that Clayton Middle School student Autumn Pasquale left her home on her bike around 12:30 p.m. Authorities from more than 20 municipalities are helping search for Pasquale. []

VIDEO: Chris Cristie Wants to Buy Obama a Bus Ticket. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has been out on the campaign trail for the Romney-Ryan ticket and recently gave a speech in Virginia in which he focused on President Obama’s perceived arrogance. Christie said the President is wandering through a dark room with his hand on the wall searching for a light switch.

277 Homicides in Philly in 2012. Three murders in Philly this weekend brings the year’s tally to 277 through October 21st. That’s seven more that the city had by this point last year. [Daily News]

Most Colleges Don’t Want to Host a Debate. Hosting a presidential is a massive undertaking that most schools aren’t interested in. So why is Lynn University stepping up to the plate for Monday’s final bout between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama? [Daily Beast]