Raymond Perelman Invests in New Business Newspaper

Plus: Chris Christie's tax rates, Obama and Romney think they're hilarious, Fidel Castro suffered a stroke, and more of what the city is buzzing about today.

Perelman Invests in New Philly Paper. Raymond Perelman has reportedly made a significant investment in Region Business’s newspaper. The Plymouth Meeting-based paper’s weekly editions cover business and politics. It was started by Philadelphia Metro publisher James McDonald last summer. [Philly.com]

Obama and Romney Think They’re Hilarious. President Barack Obama and GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney appeared back-to-back at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner in New York. The fundraiser has hosted every major party presidential candidate since 1952 and offered President Obama and Mitt Romney an opportunity to wear white ties and make fun of themselves. And each other. Mostly each other. [USA Today]

Chris Christie’s Income Taxes. Last year, the New Jersey Governor and his wife paid $141,158 in federal income taxes and $32,770 in taxes to New Jersey. That means their tax rates were 29.4 and 5.7 respectively. [Philly.com]

Fidel Castro Had a Stroke. A Venezuelan doctor says that Fidel Castro suffered a stroke and is near a neurovegetative state. He apparently recognizes no one and cannot feed himself. [Miami Herald]

Mayor Nutter Wants to Cut Pensions. Specifically, he wants to cut the pensions of elected officials. Right now, the plan allows for officials to collect pensions as high as their full salaries. [Daily News]

Woman Arrested for Stealing Police Radio. A drunk woman in Logan Square reportedly stole a portable police radio from a squad car and began broadcasting over it. How much would you pay to hear a recording of her drunk-dialing her ex-boyfriend and ordering Papa John’s over that thing? [6 ABC]

LAPD Has 12 Homicides Linked to Manson. The LAPD wants to hear recordings of conversations between 1969 between Charles Manson follower Charles “Tex” Watson and his attorney. The recordings were made in 1969 and police believe they’ll help link the Manson family to 12 unsolved murders in the Los Angeles area, near where the other Manson killings took place. [L.A. Times]

Get Ready for Negative Ads. Lots of them. And, as it turns out, the negative ads might make you depressed. [CBS 3]