Celeb Scoop: Mila Kunis Is the Sexiest Woman Alive

Plus: Jay-Z takes the subway, more awards for The Silver Linings Playbook, Snooki skips a party, and more of today's celebrity news.

Mila Kunis Is Sexy. In fact, she’s the sexiest woman alive, according to Esquire. Eat your heart out. [Daily Mail]

Jay-Z Takes the Subway. Jay-Z took the subway to a gig in Brooklyn over the weekend because he’s just like one of us. [E]

Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman to Split. After more than 40 years together, Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman are getting divorced because true love is a farce and we all die alone. Happy Monday. [Gawker]

Lady Gaga Ralphs During Show. Lady Gaga lost her lunch during a recent performance in Spain, joining The Biebz in the exclusive, “Recently Barfed on Stage in Front of Thousands of Screaming Fans” club.

Silver Linings Playbook Gold. Bradley Cooper’s latest is still winning awards. This time it was in the Hamptons. [Hollywood Reporter]

Snooki Went M.I.A. The Jersey Shore star skipped a recent party because she’s totally a responsible mom. [New York Post]

Cliff Clavin at PHL. John Ratzenberger—who played the know-it-all postman, Cliff Clavin, on Cheers—was at Legal Seafood at PHL over the weekend. [Philly Gossip]