Northern Liberties Is the 14th Most Hipster Neighborhood in America

A complicated algorithm that takes into account the frequency of farmers’ markets, coffee shops per capita, food trucks, and other hipster essentials unearthed the irrefutable, scientific fact that NoLibs is America’s 14th most hipster neighborhood.

Sometimes called NoLibs, this hood is fast falling prey to a hipster influx. With one of the highest walkability scores on our list, it boasts some of Philly’s best restaurants, coffee shops and art galleries. Clubs, bars, and bowling offer funky nightlife festivities. And for those literary lovers with gothic streak, the house once inhabited by Edgar Allen Poe is located here.

At this point, it’s necessary for us to point out that NoLibs’ inclusion on the hipster list compiled by Forbes is how we know that it’s definitely post-hipster at this point. Plus, with hipster enclaves like Johnny Brenda’s and Barcade, vast factory lofts, and a sketchy border with Kensington all just a few blocks closer to the Delaware, it’s pretty which neighborhood is Philly’s real hipster kingdom: Fishtown. [Forbes]