Delco Inmate Mistakenly Released Had “Awesome Breakfast,” Returned to Prison

In June, two inmates were mistakenly released from Delaware County Prison. North Philly’s Richard Dwayne Smith says he was arrested for violating his probation after a DUI arrest. He said that he was released from the Delco jail despite telling prison officials he wasn’t supposed to be out. Smith returned to Philadelphia and spent the night with his girlfriend.

The next morning, Smith said, he had an attack of “consciousness” and called his probation officer to report he was out and find out how to return to prison.

Smith said deputy warden Mario Colucci helped negotiate the timing of his return.

Before surrendering, Smith said, he managed to squeeze in an “awesome breakfast.”

We totally thought bacon couldn’t taste any better, but we’ve never had the pleasure of eating bacon that tastes like freedom. [Inquirer]