LISTEN: Purple Crush’s Lucky Star

The electro-pop duo shows Madonna some love

Electro-pop duo Purple Crush has recently released a cover of Madonna’s oldie but goodie “Lucky Star.” The band’s also launched a “MadonnaWannaBe” campaign that’s raising money to record even more music from the Material Girl’s songbook – it even coincides with a new tour.

“We are going to reward special contributors with something everyone wants out of an artist – the ability to control them!” the band says. “Yes, you can tell Purple Crush which Madonna song to cover!”

Will it be “Vogue,” “Erotica,” or maybe even “Holiday?”

Most recently, the duo – which look like they’ve stepped out of an American Apparel catalog – has been opening for Leslie and the LYs to promote their new album, “Welcome 2 the Underground,” which is available digitally on Amazon and iTunes.

Click here to download “Lucky Star” for free.