Celeb Scoop: Will Smith to Star in Two Independence Day Sequels?

Plus: Dave Matthews draws a penis, Glenn Beck returns to television, Jason Sudeikis stays on SNL, and more of today's celebrity news.

Two Independence Day Sequels? Will Smith is reportedly asking for $50 million to do two ID4 sequels. Apparently the scribes have turned the scripts over to Smith for approval. Independence Day will get a 3D release next July. The sequels will reportedly be called ID Forever Part I and ID Forever Part II. [Indiewire]

Bradley Cooper: Sniper? Bradley Cooper and David O. Russell might be getting ready to team up again for American Sniper. Cooper acquired the rights to the autobiography of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle’s autobiography. According to Kyle’s book, he has more recorded kills than any other sniper in U.S. history. [/Film]

Dave Matthews: Sketch Artist. Dave Matthews—the guy who has been playing coming of age concerts in Camden for teens from Philly’s ‘burbs for, basically, an eternity—fancies himself an artist. Matthews has been known to sketch things for fans who ask for autographs. Recently, he did his best Superbad impression and drew a fan a picture of a penis. [TMZ]

Glenn Beck Back on TV. Dish has picked up Glenn Beck’s Internet network “TheBlaze.” So, everybody should get pumped for that. [Hollywood Reporter]

Jason Sudeikis Stays on SNL. Lorne Michaels says that Sudeikis, rumored to be leaving the show, will remain on the cast until at least January. [The Wrap]

Little Wilson and Little Vaughn. The most adorable picture you’ll see all day is the one of Owen Wilson’s son and Vince Vaughn’s daughter holding hands on the set of their dads’ new movie, The Internship. [Us Weekly]