Celeb Scoop: The Kids on Modern Family Make More for an Epidsode Than Most of Us Earn in a Year

Plus: Amber Rose is preggers, the Stones return to HBO, Kim Kardashian stirs wedding rumors, and more of today's celebrity news.

Modern Family Kids Get Raises. The kids on ABC’s Modern Family make more per episode than most of us make in a year. [Deadline]

Questlove’s Guide to Made in America. The man breaks down all of the acts, which is helpful because he knows more than all of us. Plus, he’s got some killer stories about Jay-Z’s tuxedo obsession and other bits about the festival’s musicians.

Taylor Swift’s Concert for the Deaf. The Internet wants Taylor Swift to perform for a school of deaf kids in Massachusetts.

Kim Tries on a White Dress. Kim Kardashian tweeted a picture of herself trying on a white dress and the world basically exploded. [NY Daily News]

Boyz II Men Save Charles Barkley. Here’s that video of Boyz II Men rescuing Charles Barkley from his horrible karaoke rendition of “End of the Road” that you didn’t ask for, but desperately needed.

Amber Rose Is Preggers. Wiz Khalifa and his boo Amber Rose are expecting their first child together. They’re set to tie the knot this winter, but will reportedly move the date up to October because of the pregnancy. Rose was recently in Philly for the 18th Annual QFest. Our HughE Dillon snapped this photo of Rose at QFest when she was three months along back in mid July. [Media Takeout]

Hemsley’s Body on Ice. Philly native Sherman Hemsley—known as television’s George Jefferson—died in July, but hasn’t been buried. His body is in a refrigerator in Texas while a man claiming to be his brother contests Hemsley’s will.

Giuliana Rancic Welcomes Baby Boy. Bill and Giuliana Rancic welcomed their baby boy, Edward Duke, into the world on Wednesday. Their son was delivered by a gestational carrier in Denver. [E]

Rolling Stones on HBO. The Rolling Stones aren’t dead yet. In, fact, they’re about to premiere another documentary on HBO. [Hollywood Reporter]