Celeb Scoop: Willow Smith Wrote a Letter to Tupac

Plus: Paranoia closes Center City streets on Tuesday, Michelle Obama thinks George Clooney is a total dreamboat, Snooki irritates another Jersey town, and more of today's celebrity news.

Dear Tupac, Love Willow. Willow Smith wrote Tupac a letter. Yup, that Tupac. She posted the letter, presumably written when she was much younger, to Instagram. In it, she tells Tupac that she knows he’s alive and wants him to come back. Is it childhood naiveté or does she know something we don’t? Illuminati. [MTV]

Paranoia Closes Walnut, 12th Streets. On Tuesday, parts of Walnut Street and 12th Street will be closed as Paranoia films in Center City. An overwhelming majority (if not all) of the businesses on those streets will be open. [PhillyChitChat]

Tony Scott Commits Suicide. Director Tony Scott is died at the age of 68 after reportedly committing suicide by jumping from a California bridge on Sunday. Scott—brother of Ridley Scott—directed Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop II, and other major motion pictures. He reportedly had brain cancer. [Hollywood Reporter]

Snooki and Jwoww Irritate. Residents of Manchester, New Jersey are worried that Snooki and JWOWW are going to be irritating the hell out of them, and not just because Jwoww’s name has so many “w”‘s. The two Jersey Shore cast members are filming the second season of their crappy spinoff show in the Jersey town. Residents called the town to complain, but the mayor had already signed off on it and basically said, “Oops, sorry!” [TMZ]

FLOTUS Thinks Clooney’s Cute. If she thinks he’s so cute, why doesn’t she marry him? Probably because she’s married to President Obama, who explained how he and George Clooney became friends in the first place during an interview with ET. [ET]

Trump Brags About Jersey Golf Course. The Donald was all, “my golf course is better than yours.” Or at least he said something like that while he was at Pine Valley in Bedminster for a tournament. [Philly Gossip]