Celeb Scoop: Miley Cyrus Goes Down the Shore

Plus: Tom Hanks tackles JFK, Jennifer Aniston wants a prenup, Ryan Lochte is determined to destroy the English language, and more of today's celebrity news.

Miley Cyrus on the Boardwalk. She’s still in town, but ducked out for a brief trip down the shore. Miley was reportedly on the boards in Ocean City on Thursday night, but made her way back to Philly for Friday. Also, she went shopping on Walnut Street this week. [PhillyChitChat]

Tom Hanks Tackles JFK. Tom Hanks is set to produce a JFK film for Playtone Productions. The recently nabbed themselves a writer/director and are looking for an ensemble cast to play the characters immediately affected by Kennedy’s assassination in 1963. [The Wrap]

Aniston Asks Theroux for Prenup. Jennifer Aniston has asked that Justin Theroux sign a prenup agreement before the two lovebirds get hitched. Ah, to be young and in love. [Gossip Cop]

Ford, Oldman Eat at Tashan. Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman grabbed some grub at Tashan on Thursday. They’re in town filming Paranoia with Liam Hemsworth. Check out HughE Dillon’s photo of the two at dinner last night.

Mid-Year Movie Reviews. Our Aaron Mettey reminds you that you’re a big dummy if you haven’t seen Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom. Also, he breaks down the rest of the surprises and abominations *cough* Total Recall *cough* of 2012.

Hating Paul Ryan’s All the Rage. Tom Morello—of Rage Against the Machine fame—isn’t exactly thrilled that Mitt Romney’s running mate is a big fan of his former band. He wrote a piece for Rolling Stone explaining the whole thing. He actually hopes Paul Ryan’s a mole.

Noel Explains the Oasis-less Closing Ceremonies. Half of the estranged Gallagher duo explains why it was Beady Eye and not Oasis at the Closing Ceremonies in London. He compares the event to an Iranian nuclear program and says that he almost didn’t okay the use of “Wonderwall.” [Hollywood Reporter]

Lochte to Trademark “Jeah.” Seriously, Ryan Lochte is going to trademark “jeah.” The end is nigh. [TMZ]