Look Like Sharon Needles This Halloween

The former RuPaul's Drag Racer has a new line of creepy, campy masks

Lose the fake eyelashes and forget the heaps of mascara. This Halloween, if you really want to look like you stepped off of the RuPaul’s Drag Race stage, Sharon Needles may have just the solution. Her new line of Halloween masks are available in two creepy-crawly styles this season – and both have been shaped to recreate the campy drag star’s spooky face.

The new latex masks, designed by Nikki Dyer of Nikki’s Monster Shop, are available for pre-order Aug. 20 at Sharon Needles Official Store.

“I’m so excited to be working with Sharon Needles on this amazing project,” says Dyer. “These masks were a labor of our love, blood and sweat for the last six months. We sculpted the masks from the actual shape and bone structure of Sharon’s face, and then hand-painted each mask’s makeup in her signature looks.”

With vents for ears, pupils and nostrils (a girl’s gotta breathe), the masks are the perfect prop for any party, graveyard romp or – as Needles, a one-time staple on Pittsburgh’s performance art scene, puts it – “undead festivity.”

If you doubt the fierceness, consider this: When Needles appeared at Voyeur’s Dollhouse Revue in Philly this spring, she took the tips collected from fans, put them into a blender (with some vodka), blended the stuff (a vodka smoothie?) and drank it. We’re not suggesting you do that, but there may be no better way to scare your friends (especially the ones you still owe money to). Put that in your “obitchuary.”