The Gayest Moments of the Closing Ceremony

George Michael and other Brit rockers strutted their stuff during the Olympics last night in what can only be describes as an 80s music fest

The closing ceremonies of the Olympics were star-studded, to say the least. Not only did they resurrect Freddie Mercury in a video filmed more than two decades ago at Wembley Stadium, but a few of our favorite 80s and 90s pop stars also made an appearance, including George Michael, the Pet Shop Boys, Spice Girls and Annie Lennox, alongside newer acts like Jessie J.

Some of the gayest moments:

George Michael at the Olympics (courtesy of Facebook)

At 49, an older and grayer George Michael has become a veritable leather daddy. Sporting his signature coiffed facial hair (though a little more hardcore than ever before), the former Wham! man was dressed in head-to-toe leather with a skull belt buckle as he sang “Freedom 90,” a crowd-pleaser with a deeper message, presumably, about coming out. Remember the great video with the cavalcade of supermodels back in the day?

While NBC edited the show (a low point), Michael also sang his newest track – “White Light” – about his near fatal disease last year. And while some in the British press are accusing the singer of using “the greatest party on earth” to promote his new single, we thought it was a great comeback to be in the news for music rather than his usual escapades.

The Pet Shop Boys in designs by Gareth Pugh (courtesy of Facebook)

Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe of the Pet Shop Boys also dazzled with a spot-on rendition of the duo’s “West End Girls.” The electronic twosome showed up in what can only be described as large-scale origami – bird-like contraptions on their heads and on the heads of the guys that guided them along the staging area by avant-garde designer Gareth Pugh.

Of course, Annie Lennox took grandiose staging to a new height with a ghost ship theme for her lesser known hit “Little Bird.” The short-haired chanteuse took a page from Tim Burton as she sailed around the arena with lots of extras. It wasn’t clear who was lipsyncing and who wasn’t at times during the show (except maybe for Russell Brand, whose megaphoned performance of “I am the Walrus” didn’t change an iota when he actually put down the megaphone), but we like to think the former Eurythmics hit-maker was really hitting those notes after all these years.

Queen also brought the house down with Jessie J on vocals singing “We Will Rock You,” a beautiful tribute to the late lead singer Freddie Mercury, who made an appearance via video.

Jessie J sparkles plenty (courtesy of Facebook)

Jesse J, an out and proud bisexual, showcased her versatility by kicking out the old-school arena rock anthem while popping it up with her own tune “Price Tag,” and when sharing the stage with a few newer acts who are popular on the U.K. scene these days – Tinie Tempah and Taio Cruz. The threesome even paid tribute to the Bee Gees with “You Should Be Dancing.”

The Spice Girls also reunited for some pure fun. Seeing Ginger, Baby, Scary, Posh and Sporty together again was a treat – and they never looked better. Victoria Beckham’s appearance was a nice way to round out the games, especially after her hunky soccer star of a husband David helped open the London Olympics just two weeks ago. The celeb power couple was very instrumental in helping get the games to London.

What was your favorite moment from the show?