Celeb Scoop: Liam Hemsworth Wants Miley Cyrus to Leave Philly?

Plus: Eminem is so popular, The Brady Bunch reboot you didn't ask for, NOLA cops nix the warrant out for Cuba Gooding Jr., and more of today's celebrity news.

Liam Hemworth Wants Miley to Leave Town? Liam Hemsworth is in Philadelphia to film a movie. Apparently, that doesn’t jive with what’s been on the itinerary for his bride-to-be, though because a report indicates that Miley Cyrus has been irritating him and that Hemsworth might want her to go back to L.A. [Daily Mail]

Mayor Nutter on Set. Check out this photo of Mayor Nutter on the set of Paranoia. Mayor Nutter stopped by the set to yell “action” and probably hear Miley Cyrus complain a lot or something.

Eminem Is Popular. Like, really popular, you guys. The rapper is the first person to receive 60 million “Likes” on Facebook. Based on exchange rates, 60 million “Likes” is worth approximately 21.6 million bro hugs, 33 million fist bumps, and 39 million of those casual head nods you get when you see somebody but don’t actually say hello (Figures are not exact). [NDTV]

Vince Vaughn’s Brady Bunch. Vince Vaughn and CBS are in talks to reboot The Brady Bunch because Hollywood is hellbent on destroying everything you once loved. [Deadline]

No Warrant Out for Cuba Gooding Jr. The New Orleans Police Department had been looking to arrest Cuba Gooding Jr. after the actor allegedly pushed a waitress into a wall after she asked him to leave for cursing at patrons taking his photo. Now, after Gooding spoke with police Wednesday morning, the actor’s rep says that there is no warrant. [TMZ]

Expect Lots of Twilight Fan Fiction. Penguin just inked a deal to bring two novels of Twilight fan fiction to the bed stands of, basically, everyone you’ve ever known. [Gawker]