Fired Lax Coach Allegedly Told Archdiocese That His Replacement Was Sexually Assaulting Students

Tim Udinski wasn’t thrilled when he was fired from his gig as the head boy’s lacrosse coach at Landsdale Catholic High School. Upset with the circumstances of his dismissal, Udinski supposedly sent anonymous emails to the Archdiocese of Philadelphia to claim that the school’s football coach had sexually solicited a player and that his replacement as head lacrosse coach was sexually assaulting students. Investigators interviewed students and staff for a total of 150 hours. An affidavit shows that the former coach admitted the claims were false. Uninski is charged with stalking and harassment. He had been the victim of a similar incident when a parent of a bro on the team emailed the Archdiocese of Philadelphia anonymously to allege that Udinski had inappropriately touched a bro, thrown another to the ground, and hit a third with a lacrosse stick. He was suspended, but reinstated after an investigation showed the allegations were false. [Inquirer]