The Dodgers Want Jimmy Rollins and, Basically, the Rest of the Phillies Who Were Here in 2008

Since the Dodgers were recently bought for $2 billion dollars, the rumor mill has been churning out all sorts of gossip involving the club. Many of those rumors have pulled the Phillies into the conversation. First—and most obvious—is that Los Angeles will be a suitable suitor for pending free agent Cole Hamels. Then, reports surfaced linking the Dodgers to Shane Victorino trade talks. Finally, on Monday evening, word got out that the Dodgers might also be interested in J-Roll, seeing as their starting shortstop is on the shelf and they’ve been platooning Juan Uribe and Luis Cruz (ick). Why don’t they give Pat Burrell a shout, offer to take $126 million off the Nats’ hands and just come out an admit they’re trying to pull that Matt Stairs home run down from its orbital path? [CBS Sports]