Leaked Papers Indicate Contents of the Freeh Report for Penn State

Plus: DeSean Jackson's Twitter gaffe, 200 people saw a toddler get shot and no one is talking, eight people were shot last night, and more of what the city is talking about today.

Deadspin Has Freeh’s Playbook. Deadspin has leaked papers that appear to be prep materials for former FBI Director Louis Freeh’s press conference Wednesday morning. The papers indicate that the the report shows that the firings of Graham Spanier and Joe Paterno were warranted, the administration failed to act appropriately, the Board of Trustees failed to create an “environment that demanded proper conduct,” and that their website is probably going to crap out. [Deadspin]

UPDATE: You can read the full Freeh report here.

You can read Louis Freeh’s full statement here.

Our Kevin Cirilli will be reporting from Freeh’s morning press conference. Follow him on Twitter @KevCirilli and check back with The Philly Post (or follow @ThePhillyPost) for updates as Thursday’s events unfold.

UPDATE: Read Kevin Cirilli’s report on details of Louis Freeh’s Penn State investigation here.

200 People Saw Toddler Shot. Early Wednesday morning, a 19-year-old man was holding a two-year-old girl when both were shot. Apparently it was during an impromptu block party and 200 people saw it happen, but no one is saying a word. [Daily News]

DeSean Jackson’s Twitter Gaffe. If the proper grammar and spelling didn’t give it away, the fact that DeSean Jackson forgot to delete the, “Desean, can you please tweet this …” portion of the message clued everybody into the fact that he was a PR puppet for Wednesday’s ESPYS party. [USA Today]

Eight People Shot Over Night. Wednesday night in Philadelphia saw eight people shot in three separate incidents, including an apparent home invasion/drug robbery that left four people wounded. Of the eight victims, none died and only one is in critical condition. There have been 189 murders in Philly so far in 2012, but, basically, that’s because everyone has really crappy aim. [Daily News]

1999 Parking Space Murder Solved. New DNA technology helped police identify and charge a man who allegedly stabbed a man to death for double parking in Kensington 13 years ago. [6 ABC]

Crossbow Guy is a Buddhist? The guy who is alleged to have pointed a crossbow at another man during a road rage incident in the Northeast supposedly describes himself as a “Buddhist who holds tolerance in great importance.” He also lists blowgun shooting as one of his favorite sports because of course he does. [NBC Philadelphia]