Philly Is Basically the Setting of a Goosebumps Book Thanks to Temple University

Back in the 1950s, Temple University acquired 15 acres of land in Philadelphia after the city condemned a graveyard. The university went about turning the land into a parking lot to attract commuting students and faculty. Most of the 28,000, um, tenants, were relocated to a mass, unmarked grave in Lawnview Cemetery in the Northeast. Temple then sold their headstones to the contractor in charge of the construction of the Betsy Ross Bridge to be used as a part of the project’s foundation. So, the university disturbed 28,000 souls that rested in piece so they could build a parking lot and then re-purposed their final resting spots to help people get to Jersey to buy cheaper booze. Basically, Philly is the setting of a Goosebumps book. Everywhere is haunted—plan accordingly. [The Atlantic]