School District Votes Unanimously to Fire Infamous Blogging Teacher

Plus: Carlos Ruiz is good at baseball, Mitt Romney thinks Chris Christie is "really something," authorities arrest a man for the Piazza shooting, and more of what the city is talking about today.

Blogging Teacher Fired. Remember Natalie Munroe? She is the Central Bucks teacher who made national news a few years ago when her students—and then everyone else—caught wind of some blog posts where she called the kids in her classes lazy whiners. Last night, the Central Bucks School District voted unanimously to fire her. She filed a lawsuit in Philly on Friday. [Inquirer]

Mayberry, Ruiz Lift Phillies. John Mayberry Jr. fired a strike to home plate to throw out a runner tagging up and Carlos Ruiz provided a late-inning bomb to help lift the Phillies to a 5-4 win over Pittsburgh. Oh, and the prodigal son is set to return this evening. [Phillies]

Romney Praises Christie. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie attended a GOP fundraiser at a hotel in Woodbridge, New Jersey last night. Romney said that Christie was, “really something.” There you have it folks, the resounding endorsement Christie had been looking for amid vice presidential speculation. []

Arrest Made in Piazza Shooting. Authorities arrested a 22-year-old man in Texas on Tuesday morning for allegedly shooting and killing a man at the Piazza after an argument that started on the porch at PYT. [NBC Philadelphia]

Obama Plans a Bus Tour. President Obama is cooking up some bus tour plans. An anonymous campaign adviser seems to think that the president will make stops in northern Ohio and western Pennsylvania, but the exact itinerary of the tour is still in the works. []

Glouco Babysitter Arrested. A 31-year-old Glouco man has been arrested for allegedly possessing thousands of illegal, sexual images and videos of children. Authorities say that the man spent some time working as a babysitting, and they’re looking for any children who might have been in his care. He’s also charged with intent to distribute child pornography. [NBC Philadelphia]

PPD Spokesman Involved in Beach Bar Incident. Philadelphia Police spokesman Lt. Ray Evers says he was assaulted by several members of the staff of the popular Avalon bar the Princeton. He filed a report and the Avalon Police are investigating the incident. He also notified the Philadelphia Police Department about the issue. [Daily News]