Perez Hilton Hates Adam Carolla

The comedian needs some new material

Admittedly, we have a love/hate relationship with Perez Hilton. Yes, we tend to read his gossip site religiously, but we aren’t thrilled with his celebrity taunts most of the time. When he appeared on The Talk yesterday, however, we were thrilled with him calling out comedian Adam Corolla for his anti-gay rants.

Here’s what Corolla said on the show:

“If somebody says to me, ‘What do you think of your mother-in-law,’ and I go, ‘She’s a delight, I love her dearly,’ nobody laughs,” he told the co-hosts.

He continued, “So if somebody goes, ‘What do you think of Chaz Bono,’ I have to say something that’s horrible, so I can get a laugh.”

Maybe this guy needs some new material?

Check it out: