Celeb Scoop: Will Smith Has Made a “Summertime” Remix

Plus: Pink has surgery, Kim and Kanye talk marriage, NBC buys a show from Charlize Theron, and more of today's celebrity news.

Drums Please…Because we live in a world where nothing is sacred or holy, Will Smith has made a remix of “Summertime.” The greatest song ever written was released in ’91 and the new version is due to drop June 11th, though, the Fresh Prince decided to go ahead and break ’em off a little preview of the remix. [TMZ]

Pink Has Surgery. Doylestown native Pink had her gallbladder removed after a bout with the stomach flu and some other issues. [E!]

NBC Buys Hatfields & McCoys Show From Theron. Anything the History Channel can do, NBC, Charlize Theron and a modern concept can do better. At least Comcast is hoping, anyway. [Hollywood Reporter]

Are Kanye and Kim Getting Hitched? Kanye West reportedly wants his boo Kim Kardashian to hurry the hell up and finish up with that Kris Humphries guy already so that the new couple can walk down the aisle. It’s important to remember that Kardashian’s last marriage lasted 72 days. [Jezebel]

Jennifer Aniston’s Smartwater Parody. It seems as though Smartwater and Jennifer Aniston don’t quite understand how viral ads work. News that they’re working on a “viral” ad, in which Aniston mocks the tabloid coverage of her personal life, came out before they’ve even started shooting. [NY Post]

Matthew McConaughey Is Getting Married. Wooderson and Camila Aves are getting married in Texas this weekend. [E!]