Jersey Town Welcomes Governor Christie With Negative Messages on Electronic Road Signs

The town of Piscataway, New Jersey welcomed Governor Chris Christie with negative messages displayed on electronic road signs yesterday. The mayor of Piscataway supposedly asked town workers to set-up the the signs that read:

“Welcome to P-Way Governor … Please return … 3.4 mil. in energy money back to taxpayers.”

“Come back soon Gov. with energy money in hand.”

The messages reference energy-tax receipts that utility companies pay to the state. The money is, historically, returned to towns as property-tax relief. Governor Christie has cut the amount of that money that is returned to towns and the mayor of Piscataway says that the change has forced a hike in property taxes in his town.

The messages were an apparent violation of New Jersey state regulation which dictates that the electronic road signs—officially called “dynamic message systems”— are reserved for messages about traffic and safety measures. [Inquirer]