Did Jerry Sandusky Send “Love Letters” to Victim 4?

Plus: Controversy over Miss PA's resignation, poll shows Obama maintained his lead in PA, a teen shot in the head while chatting on webcam, and more of what Philly is buzzing about today.

Sandusky Sent “Love Letters”? On Monday, the man known as Victim 4 in the Jerry Sandusky scandal is expected to take the stand and read “love letters” supposedly sent to him by the former Penn State coach. [6 ABC]

Lee Remains Winless. Ugh. An early RBI from Hunter Pence allowed Cliff Lee and the Phils to have a one-run lead for the first seven innings of last night’s game. Then Lee gave up a two-run double in the eighth that proved to be all the Dodgers would need. The Phils lost 2-1 and Cliff Lee still doesn’t have a win. [Phillies]

Philly Pops to Drop Nero? The Philly Pops—still in bankruptcy because it was a part of the Philadelphia Orchestra when they filed for Chapter 11 in April of 2011—has been trying to renegotiate the contract of pianist and music director Peter Nero. If a lower salary is agreed on by Friday, the Pops will file for rejection of Nero’s contract in U.S. Bankruptcy Court. [Inquirer]

Miss PA Resigns. Miss Pennsylvania USA 2012 has resigned. A post on Sheena Monnin’s Facebook page indicates that it was because the pageant was rigged and someone saw the top five finishers written out in order before the final pageant. The Miss Universe organization overseeing the Miss USA pageant claim Monnin quit because she didn’t want to be a part of a pageant with transgender contestant Jenna Talackova. [6 ABC]

Jim’s Steaks Raided for Drugs. Again. This time police confiscated weed, pills, cash and other drug paraphernalia when they served a warrant at Jim’s Steaks on South Street and at a house at Dickinson and 20th. They also arrested a cook while he was working at Jim’s last night. It was the second time since August Jim’s has been raided in such a manner. [Daily News]

Obama Maintains Lead in PA. A new Daily News/Franklin & Marshall College Poll released today shows that President Barack Obama has a 12-point lead over Republican candidate Mitt Romney in Pennsylvania—one of nine swing states that could decide the November election. [Daily News]

Teen Shot in Head on Webcam. An 18-year-old young man was rushed to Temple Hospital after an overnight shooting while he was on webcam with friends. He and two friends were in a Kensington home interacting with other people via webcam when the young man was shot in the head. He’s in critical condition. [6 ABC]

Senior Citizen Complex Overrun With Cats. Aloe Village in Galloway Township, Atlantic County is a senior citizen apartment complex that is currently overrun with feral cats. Residents and staff say there are 50-100 cats in the complex and surrounding area. Apparently the staff has been trapping the cats to turn them over to the Atlantic County Animal Shelter, but the residents keep releasing trapped cats and leaving food out for them. [NBC Philadelphia]