Because When We Think Pat’s and Geno’s, We Think Kitty Litter

Got plans for lunch tomorrow? You do now because Tidy Cats—yes, Purina’s kitty litter brand—will be doling out cheesesteaks to the first 100 customers at both Pat’s and Geno’s starting at noon. Why? Because Tidy Cats and the “PU Patrol” (yup, really) are in town as part of a seven-city tour to help get the “PU” out of litter boxes with their new “Odor Erasers technology.” Clearly, this is just the latest step in the long, successful marriage of cheesesteaks and kitty litter. If you’ll recall, Philadelphians began pairing their cheesesteaks with kitty litter when the Cheesesteak and Kitty Litter Treaty of 1832 was signed at Centre Square (later the site of City Hall). The treaty brought an end to the city-wide feud between the two industries that spurred the Cheesesteak Famine of the 1820s and the Kittysteak Massacre of 1831. That first day of peace in 1832 is, of course, marked annually by the Kitty Litter/Cheesesteak-apalooza typically held at Dilworth Plaza each spring.