Mayor Nutter’s Crime Initiative Status Update

Remember when Mayor Nutter announced his intentions to lower the crime rate in Philadelphia? Well, here’s how things are going (per a press release from the Mayor’s Office of Communications).

More Officers. Mayor Nutter said that he would add 400 officers to the city’s force. Between tomorrow and late July, 115 are cadets are set to graduate from the academy.

Tough on Guns. January and February saw dramatic—22.6 and 16.5 percent respectively—increases from the same months in 2011 for the number of people held in City jails in pre-trial detention facing illegal gun charges.

Pressure Point 2.0. The revamped Operation Pressure Point is set to go into effect in April and will help a slew of city organizations work cooperatively to crack down on Philly’s most crime-laden areas.

Catching the Criminals. Twenty-one of Philly’s 100 most wanted have been captured since the City’s cable station, Channel 64, began airing the list.

Bigger Brother. The PPD has 120 cameras in Philly. By September, they’ll have added 50 additional cameras in the 12th and 39th districts. On May 1st, local businesses can apply for the SafeCam program that will have the city help them purchase and install cameras that meet certain requirements, so long as the cops can access them when needed.

Get Paid. Philly will continue to offer up to $20,ooo for information leading to an arrest in a homicide and $500 to a tipster that helps get someone carrying an illegal firearm arrested and convicted.