IMAX Tickets Still Available for The Hunger Games

Where can you still get in to see it tonight?

So, you want to watch teens fight to the death on TV on a movie screen tonight, but you didn’t camp out for tickets in December. Lucky for you, a bunch of local theaters still have tickets available for showings tonight—er, early tomorrow. Here’s what’s available as of 12:25 p.m. today.

AMC in Cherry Hill – All night. Literally, they’re running 23 shows, including one that starts at 3:10 a.m.

United Artists in Manayunk – There are still tickets available for the 12:03 a.m. show (12:01 and 12:05 are sold out).

Pearl Theater at Avenue North – Three shows at 12:01 all still available.

United Artists on S. Columbus Blvd – Tickets are still available for the 12:05 show (12:01 sold out).

United Artists on Grant Avenue – Two 12:01 shows both still have tickets available.

AMC Franklin Mills – Two 12:01 shows have not yet sold out.

IMAX King of Prussia – Tickets are still available for the 12:31 show.

IMAX Warrington – 12:15 show still hasn’t sold out.

UPDATE: The 12:15 IMAX show at Warrington. Don’t worry. They added a 12:20.

For a complete list of Philadelphia area theaters with tickets still available for a showing of The Hunger Games tonight, check out