Butt Injection, Baby-In-Box Cases in Philadelphia Court This Week

Remember when someone left a newborn baby outside in a box just before Christmas? Well, the baby’s mom, 33-year-old Patricia Crawley, has since been identified, arrested and charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault and child endangerment, among other things. Today, Crawley, represented by court-appointed attorney Carina Laguzzi, heads to court for arraignment. As for “Baby Noel” (below, photo courtesy Philadelphia Police Department), while she was originally suffering from hypothermia and low blood pressure and tested positive for cocaine, today the PPD reports that she’s made a full recovery.

Also in Philly courts this week:

Santo Mancuso, the suspect in the very first Philadelphia homicide of 2012 (bravo, Santo!), has a preliminary hearing scheduled for today. He is suspected of stabbing 77-year-old Joseph Testa to death in South Philadelphia around 12:11 a.m. on January 1st. Twenty years ago, I would have assumed this was a mob thing, but early reports suggest that Testa got in the middle of an argument between two guys who’d been at each others’ throats for years over … parking spaces. Something tells me that the South Philly mafia of yesteryear would have resolved this a long time ago without having any senior citizens getting knifed. Besides, isn’t this precisely why we let people park in the middle of the street in South Philly?

Tomorrow, 17-year-old Keith Exum and four unnamed 16-year-olds, will see the inside of a courtroom regarding charges that they beat up and robbed a 62-year-old man in Philadelphia on February 24th. Ah, kids today.

And finally, everyone’s favorite transgendered butt injector, “Black Madam” Padge Winslowe, is scheduled for a preliminary hearing Thursday. On Friday, she’s got a bail hearing, presumably to ask a judge to lower her $10 million bail, which does seem a bit excessive, even if someone did die from her botched butt treatment, as is alleged. If you’re not familiar with the case and if the phrase “pumping party” means nothing to you, just consider yourself lucky and go about your business.