Happy Birthday, Philly Post!

Plus: Our top 5 posts since March 2010.

Two years ago today, my boss, Tom McGrath, started the Philly Post with a handful of contributors, a skinny headline feed wedged into the middle of phillymag.com, and the line, “So … what do you want to talk about today?” Then he crossed his fingers and started throwing spaghetti at the wall. (At least, that’s what I tell myself caused the red stains in his office.) Since then, we’ve added more writers and more staff; we’re breaking news and turning out more commentary than ever. Just this past November, we launched the Post’s new landing page to give a proper home to all those headlines, opinions and glamorous headshots. Since mid-March 2010, our daily traffic has increased about 80 percent. So as the Philly Post turns two, I’d like to put my feet up on my desk and smoke a cigar thank our readers. You read, you comment, you follow us on Facebook and Twitter, you show up at our offices uninvited. We couldn’t ask for more.

Thanks also to all Philly Post contributors, some of whom—Larry Mendte, Gail Shister—have been here from the beginning. This list of our five most popular posts since March 2010 shows the variety of content—from what’s happening in Philly’s back yard to national politics to pop culture—our writers put out, and that we aim to give you here, each day.

1. “18 Seconds,” by Larry Mendte

2. “Mayor Nutter Says Stop Being Idiots and Assholes” (The Scoop)

3. “Larry Mendte: I Love Twitter,” by Larry Mendte

4. “These Are the Reasons You Should Not Vote for Rick Santorum,” by Sandy Hingston

5. “Best and Worst Moments of the 2012 Academy Awards,” by Aaron Mettey

We’ll keep posting as long as you keep reading. Number one reason to stick around: Google tells me that as far as childhood development goes, two is the age for potty training. So I expect this year to be fun.