Racially Fueled Jeremy Lin Joke Sparks Buzz Bissinger and Spike Eskin Twitter Feud

How can you not LOVE Twitter? Without it, we wouldn’t be treated to gems like this feud between Buzz Bissinger—of Friday Night Lights fame(?)—and local radio personality Spike Eskin. The brouhaha started when Eskin tweeted about Bissinger’s recent article on Jeremy Lin and the LINsanity sweeping the nation. Eskin took issue with a joke Bissinger cracked about Michael Vick, Jeremy Lin and the menu at Vietnamese restaurants. You stay classy, Buzz. Everyone should do themselves a favor and check out the Storify from Philly.com’s Matt Mullin. You know it’s good because there’s name calling, drug references, LeBron jokes, and arguments about racism. It’s not even 10:30 yet. The Internet is the coolest. [Storify]