The Hottest Co-Eds

A new poll ranks colleges and universities with the best-looking student bodies

Photo by Think Stock

There really is a poll for everything these days. And the latest tells us where the hottest co-eds are at colleges and universities around the country.

University of Pennsylvania has the distinction of being on the short list. We like to think that Penn’s very own LGBT center and visible queer undergrads – not to mention all those out Wharton students – might have a little something to do with their placing. also seems to think so, since the website ranked the Philly school among only eight other institutes of (handsome) higher education that are said to have the most eye candy.

Another PA-based school, Penn State, also got a nod for its sexy students. But we have to be honest, there seems to be a lot more being talked about in State College that who’s hot.

Other schools on the list include University of Minnesota – Duluth, Baruch College, School of Visual Arts, Queens College, Fordham University and Dartmouth.

So, what do you think? Does the list pass muster? Or are they leaving out the obvious choices, like NYU, Harvard and Yale? You know, the schools that enroll famous folks like James “I won’t pass up a gay movie role” Franco. That’s got to count for something, right?