Guy Shoots Neighbor in Dispute Over Dog Poop

Plus: Jeremy Lin does it again, A.C. sends the diving horses idea to the glue factory, kids continue to beat the hell out of each other at Philly public schools, and more of what the city is talking about today.

Another Day, Another Philadelphian Killed Over Stupid Crap. This time it was of the dog variety. A dispute over dog poop led to the shooting death of a 47-year-old Tacony man. [Daily News]

Jeremy Lin! If you didn’t manage to catch the end of the Knicks/Raptors game last night, then you did manage to find a way to screw up your night. The game was tied and the Knicks had the ball with the shot clock turned off for the last possession of regulation. Jeremy Lin tells everyone to get out of the way. You get one chance to guess how it ended. [Deadspin]

Just When You Were All Excited to See Diving Horses … Atlantic City’s Steel Pier has nixed the plans to revitalize the former tradition. We know Jen Utley is on board. [Daily News]

Another Day, Another Fight at a Philly Public School. Students at William Sayre High School ended up beating the hell out of each other in the cafeteria yesterday. Meanwhile, their principals were at an anti-bullying seminar. [FOX 29]

Rick Santorum Mulling Secret Service Protection. Two Occupy protesters were arrested at a Rick Santorum rally in Tacoma, Washington earlier this week. The ordeal has Santorum considering enlisting the Secret Service for protection. []

Eagles Ticket Prices Won’t Go Up Next Year. Smart move, guys. [CBS 3]

Bristol Borough Kids Are Playing on a Toxic Pile of Dirt. A pile of dirt near Snyder-Girotti Elementary School in Bristol Borough has become a make-shift playground for kids. The problem is that it’s got high levels of arsenic, lead, Benzo Pyrene and other contaminants. So, who wants to play King of the Toxic Hill? [FOX 29]