A Collection of Secondhand Stories About Pat Burrell’s Sexual Escapades

Plus: CHOP reverses decision to deny mentally disabled girl's transplant, the "Eye of the Tiger" guy sues Newt Gingrich, Michael Vick invades New York Fashion Week, and more of what the city is buzzing about today.

And Now, a Collection of Secondhand Stories About Pat Burrell’s Sex Life. A few months ago it was reported that former Phillie Pat Burrell was likely to hang ’em up this off-season. That news was confirmed yesterday afternoon. Pat had some tough times in Philly, but he’ll always be remembered for giving the Mets the finger, making a difference in 2008, and providing an entire city with plenty of gossip about his off-the-field escapades, which Deadspin has rounded up. [Deadspin]

CHOP Reverses Decision on Transplant for Disabled Girl. The 3-year-old girl diagnosed with Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome who had been previously denied a kidney transplant by CHOP might get her surgery after all. The girl’s mother has said that CHOP contacted her and that they’ve begun the process of finding a suitable donor. [Inquirer]

Bella Santorum Wasn’t Actually at CHOP. The Santorums couldn’t be immediately reached for comment and a release on his campaign website indicated his daughter was hospitalized at CHOP. Turns out, she was at a hospital in Virginia. [Daily News]

Michael Vick Invades New York Fashion Week? Michael Vick’s publicist has been trying to score Vick tickets for the upcoming New York Fashion Week. [Philly.com]

The “Eye of the Tiger” Guy Sues Newt Gingrich. The guy who co-wrote “Eye of the Tiger” has filed a lawsuit against Gingrich in Illinois. Gingrich has been using the Rocky III classic on campaign stops and at political rallies. [Billboard]

Did Amber Rose Get a Face Tattoo? No, no she didn’t. But, the model/singer/celebu-girlfriend was spotted with a temporary tattoo above her left eye that allowed the Internet to make a day’s worth of Mike Tyson jokes. [TMZ]

Um, Elton Brand Deserves a Medal. The Sixers held Dwight Howard to 17 points on 6-17 from the field. The Magic only scored nine points in the third quarter. Philly won at home, again, 74-69. [The 700 Level]

Brian Westbrook Joins the Fanatic. Former Eagles running back Brian Westbrook is now an official member of the 97.5 the Fanatic’s team. He’ll be talking about football (surprise!) and will be involved with their coverage of the NFL Draft, training camp, and next year’s NFL season. [The Fanatic]