New Book Outs Hollywood

A celebrity fixer comes clean

Courtesy of Grove Press

If money talks then Scotty Bowers has plenty to say. His new book Full Service: My Adventures in Hollywood and the Secret Sex Lives of the Stars (Grove Press) may only hit the shelves next month, but it already has people talking.

Outing is quite a controversial subject – especially among well-known types who would like to keep their closet doors locked tight. But the 88-year-old has decided to tell all about the famous men and women who were gay, lesbian and bisexual during Hollywood’s golden years.

“I’ve kept silent all these years because I didn’t want to hurt any of these people,” Bowers told The New York Times. But his Hollywood Babylon-like tales are causing critics to bristle at the notion that the secret and very private lives of many celebs (all long since dead) are coming out – literally.

But in an era of modern tabloid frenzy, none of this should really come as much of a surprise, should it? It’s been almost three decades since Rock Hudson died from AIDS complications. And surely plenty of other scandals have reminded us that the glitzy Hollywood elite are far from perfect, even if their handlers tried (and still try) to paint them that way.

So what’s the juiciest tell-all coming from the new book?

Probably that Katherine Hepburn – a Bryn Mawr grad – was set up with more than 150 women. Or that Vivien Leigh also had a passion for the ladies. He also claimes that Cary Grant and George Cukor were both bisexual.

Count us in.