Three Black Teens Arrested for Assaulting White Cabbie and Passenger in Center City

Plus: Bella Santorum's health improves at CHOP, two Occupy Philly protesters were arrested last night, Shore towns are less than thrilled with seasonal employees, and more of what the city is talking about today.

Three Teens Arrested for Assaulting Cabbie. On Saturday night, it’s alleged that three teenagers shouted racial slurs at the passenger in a cab before pulling the man from the car and assaulting him. The teens are black and the passenger is white. When the driver, also a white male, got out to intervene, the teens allegedly turned their anger toward him and punched and kicked him until he scared them off with a tire iron. The three black teens were arrested and may be charged with hate crimes. [Daily News]

Bella Santorum’s Health Is Improving. Rick Santorum’s three-year-old daughter Bella was hospitalized at CHOP over the weekend. Bella has a genetic disorder called Trisomy 18 that causes a slew of health complications. She was battling pneumonia when she was admitted, but has since improved and may be sent home soon. [Inquirer]

That Was Quick. Just last week we were talking about how Occupy Philly had narrowed its focus and was actually doing some good. Then, last night, dozens of Occupiers marched around City Hall in an effort to show national solidarity. Two were arrested when they tried to rip down the fencing securing Dilworth Plaza. Talk about making a difference. [6 ABC]

Are Shore Towns Getting Scammed? Seasonal employees who spend the summer working at the Shore are eligible for unemployment, so long as they earn enough dough during the busy season. Some towns are looking to pass legislation that will prevent them from taking the rest of the year off. [FOX 29]

Giroux Scores, Hartnell Assists. Claude Giroux and Scott Hartnell were both on Team Alfredssen for the NHL All-Star Game last night. Giroux scored on a pass from his Flyers teammate in a losing effort. He also provided some comic relief by checking and tripping Hartnell, who pledged to donate $1,000 to charity for every time he fell. [The 700 Level]

Internet Sales Tax Deadline Extended. Companies that sell goods remotely (read: on the Interwebz) were supposed to have collected sales taxes by Wednesday. But, they’ve been given an extension until September because it’s a technically complicated process. If everyone files the voluntary initiative properly, Pennsylvania should receive approximately $380 million. [CBS 3]