First Gay License Plate

Indiana promotes LGBT causes on cars now

Courtesy of Indiana Youth Group

We’ve all seen the DARE plates – and all the vanity plates. But in Indiana, drivers can now opt for an LGBT plate. The state recently introduced license plates that support an LGBT youth group in Indiana – the first “gay” plate in the country. The plates feature a logo from the youth group – a hand with a rainbow. Drivers can pay $40 for the plates ($25 of which directly supports the organization).

But there was no shortage of controversy when the plates were first proposed two years ago. The group was initially turned down by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). So the youth group sued. And while the suit was dismissed, the DMV later approved the gay-themed plates with its charity component.

Now, Indiana is the first in the nation to issue such a plate.

So, would you invest in a license plate that supported LGBT causes? And if so, what would you like it to say?