Meet & Greet: Sandra Bernhard

She mingled with a private audience after the opening of her one-woman show last night

Bernhard with Meg Rider (photos by G Philly)

People were buzzing at the Hotel Palomar last night as they waited for Sandra Bernhard to make an appearance. A little after 10 p.m., she showed up after just opening her new one-woman show at the Painted Bride, I Love Being Me, Don’t You?

Friendly, even after spending almost two hours on stage, she was greeted by a small group of fans, friends and press folks who had no shortage of questions and comments about the new show, which spins everyday life with big issues of the day as only Bernhard knows how – and with no shortage of irony.

Jimmy Contreras with Bernhard

Last week, we caught up with her to chat about some hot-button issues. “Right now, I am obsessed with, as I call him, ‘Sick Rantorum,” she said. “He is a twisted, frightened, small-minded person trying to take away everyone’s happiness.”

When she’s not talking about politics, she’s joining Bravo as a commentator about all things reality TV. She told us that she’s made it her mission to get back onto television and to entertain more movie roles.

Motherhood has also kept her busy. “It’s the biggest commitment in my life,” she said. “And everyday [it] brings a whole new batch of challenges – and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.”

Last night, the party welcomed quite a few LGBT friends, like Jimmy Contreras of Vlahos PR, Brittany Lynn (a.k.a. Ian Morrison), DJ Carl Michaels, Thom Cardwell of the Philadelphia Cinema Alliance, Meg Rider of G Philly‘s own advisory committee, and many others.

As Bernhard plays the next four nights here in Philly, don’t be surprised to see her visiting some of our favorite haunts. “I adore Philly,” she told us, “always have. Love the sensibility, the whole vibe. It’s a great American city.”

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