Not the Girl Scouts, Too!

A troop accepts a transgender child, but not all den mothers are pleased

The Boy Scouts have come under fire in recent years for their anti-gay policies that not only forbid gay scoutmasters, but also gay scouts. There’s even been a major dustup in Philly over the Scouts using city-owned property in a story we reported on throughout the year.

But not so with the Girl Scouts.

In fact, recently a troop in Denver said they would consider welcoming a seven-year-old transgender child, saying that the Girl Scouts should be empowering young people – and not tearing them down.

“If parents brought a child to a meeting, and the child is recognize in the community as their daughter, then the Girl Scouts accept that,” explains Rachelle Trujillo, a spokesperson for the Girl Scouts in Colorado. Trujillo believes that issues like this should be handled from troop to troop and from state to state on an individual basis.

“Bobby identifies as a girl, and he’s a boy,” the child’s mother Felisha Archuleta told the local news. “He’s been doing this since he was about two years old. He’s loved girl stuff, so we just let him dress how he wants, as long as he’s happy.”

As younger children explore their gender identity earlier in their lives, these issues become more inevitable for gender-specific organizations like the scouts. “There has definitely been this increase of questioning,” Corey Barrett, a spokesperson for the GLBT Community Center in Colorado, told the news. “I think it’s all about providing a healthy environment for them.”

But not everyone agrees.

Already several leaders have resigned over the decision to possibly include a trans child like Bobby. And by resigning, they also dissolve the troops. So it’s been reported that the dissenters will likely align themselves with American Heritage Girls, a Christian group that was created in the mid-1990s after the Girl Scouts decided to remove references to God in their pledge.

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