Chestnut Hill Photographer Sues Comcast Over Larry Mendte Pic

Media worlds colliding!

Jason DeCesare, a 37-year-old photographer who sometimes publishes under the names G.W. Bridge (how clever) and Triborough (go here to view his Flickr photostream), has filed a lawsuit in Federal Court against Comcast alleging copyright infringement. According to the suit, the company used DeCesare’s photo of Larry Mendte extensively on a broadcast of It’s Your Call With Lynn Doyle without permission.

DeCesare originally took the photo for this interview in 2007 and says he happened upon the show’s use of it while watching the episode of Doyle’s show on Youtube. The official versions of those episodes were recently removed from Youtube, although this unofficial one remains. In it, DeCesare’s photo does appear to be used in the background throughout. He is seeking more than $150,000 in damages.

Earlier this year, DeCesare filed similar suits against Fox, CBS, Disney and All of those suits have been settled.