Want to Own a Piece of the Divine Miss M?

Bette Midler is auctioning off collectibles to benefit the New York Restoration Project

Courtesy of Julien's Auctions

Just because Gaga didn’t know much about Bette Midler’s famous mermaid-in-a-wheelchair getup doesn’t mean the rest of us haven’t wanted to get our hands on a token of the Divine Miss M, especially the hardcore fans out there (you know who you are). And lucky for you, this could be your first-class chance.

Midler is auctioning off collectibles to benefit her pet project – the New York Restoration Project (NYRP) – a non-profit she created in 1995 when she and her family moved back to New York City and found many of its parks, community gardens and open spaces reduced to a state of complete disrepair. NYRP has since planted trees all over the city – one city block at a time.

In fact, the current Pennsylvania Horticultural Society President Drew Becher headed up the NYRP before moving with his partner to Philadelphia (rumor has it Miss M may even make an appearance at this spring’s International Flower Show, perfect considering the theme’s inspired by the Grammy winner’s native Hawaii).

Julien’s Auctions is already posting some of Midler’s most iconic and instantly recognizable looks, including her famous mermaid costume, stage costumes designed by Bob Mackie (he didn’t only design for Cher, you know), designer dresses from Valentino and vintage Emilio Pucci, as well as some of the outrageous headdresses, gold records, art and jewelry we’ve come to associate with this diva. She’s also including a few items from her personal collection just in time for the auction next month (Nov. 12) in Beverly Hills.

Here are some jaw-dropping highlights:

•    Costume by Bob Mackie (est. $2,000 – $3,000) worn during the Bette! Devine Madness Tour. Midler opened the show in this ensemble, signing “Big Noise from Winnetka.”

•    Album cover dress (est. $2,000 – $3,000) that was featured on the back cover of the 1972 debut album The Divine Miss M, and subsequently on the front cover of the 1976 album Songs For The New Depression.

•    Album cover dress by Bob De Mora (est. $1,000 – $1,500). This dress was worn by Midler on the cover of the 1998 album Bathhouse Betty and was also used in a video shoot, several photo shoots and live performances.

•    Performance jumpsuit (est. $500 – $700) that was worn by Midler during the 1979 – 1980 Bette! Divine Madness Tour.

•    Vegas showgirl costume (est. $2,000 – $3,000). This one was worn by Midler during performances of 2008 – 2010 The Showgirl Must Go On at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace Las Vegas.

•    The Delores De Lago costume (est. $1,000 – $1,500) was also worn by Midler during performances of The Showgirl Must Go On.

•    The Academy Award gown (est. $1,000 – $1,500) was designed by Valentino and worn by Midler to the 64th annual Academy Awards in 1992 when she was nominated for Best Actress for her portrayal of Dixie Leonard in For The Boys.

Bid registration is required to bid in this live auction and can be done either in person at the exhibition (if you’re in Beverly Hills) or by visiting the registration page or by calling 310-836-1818.