Nicole Cashman Loves’s Android Tablet

Critics be damned. can't find anyone who doesn't love their new digital product

Over at today, one of the featured “news” items in the home page marquee is a strange little video by the site’s gossip gal, Marnie Hall, whom we last told you about in August when her video report about Mayor Nutter and that mysterious blond was removed by the powers that be. In this new video, titled “Tablet Talk,” Hall interviews people on the street about the newspapers’ $99 Android Tablet PC offer, asking them what they think. “Seize the future: it’s here!” declares Hall. Never mind what Wired (and a lot of other folks) have to say about the deal. Try as she might in her unbiased journalistic endeavor, Hall just can’t find a single person who doesn’t want it. Even public relations executive and Rittenhouse Square socialite Nicole Cashman can’t wait to get her hands on the new tablet. “This is awesome,” gushes Cashman. “It just looks like the real paper … I think that’s a great deal.”