Top 5 Posts of the Week

What you should've been reading the past seven days

1. “Devon Fitness Owner Arrested for Attempted Murder” by Victor Fiorillo
Valium, wine and a Luger apparently not a good combination. Read more.

2. “The Kardashian Syndrome” by Christine Speer
When exactly did I learn all of the names of the Kardashians? Read more.

3. “Nightmare at Great Adventure” by Kathleen Volk-Miller
High on disappointment, low on amusement. Read more.

4. “Chaz Bono Won’t End Homophobia on Dancing With the Stars” by Gail Shister
Featuring a transgender competitor is a step in the right direction, but why won’t the show feature same-sex dance partners? Read more.

5. “Unpaid Internships Are the New Entry-Level Jobs” by Richard Rys
Too bad many entitled, delusional college students don’t know how to seize the opportunity. Read more.