What We Love: Dynasty Barbies!

Because who doesn't miss the catfights and cavier?

Alexis (photos courtesy of Barbie Collection)

Alexis and Krystle may not have gotten along in real life, er, on Dynasty, but fans can still enjoy the dueling 80s divas – as Barbies. The two Dynasty dolls from the Barbie Collection are decked out in splashy evening gowns that first made the vixens a hit as they bickered, bitched and clawed their way through nine seasons of the campy nighttime soap.

Most fans will remember the saucy spats between these ladies – like that famous face slap heard around the world and the lily pond wrestling match that had the two actresses hurling mud at each other in their trademark Nolan Miller fashions.


And while it was rumored that real-life actresses Joan Collins and Linda Evans may have been “acting” from a very real place (and that they hated each other a la Bette Davis and Joan Crawford) they made the campy scratching and clawing a gold standard in the soap world – until the show ran out of steam by the early 1990s.

We miss all those catfights and cavier (let’s face it, the Real Housewives have nothing on the fictional Colbys and the Carringtons). Here are our most memorable Dynasty moments:

1. The gays: When Blake Carrington’s son Steven’s homosexuality is revealed, it pits father against son.

2. The murders: Blake is arrested and charged with murder when his son accuses him of killing his former lover Ted (he catches them in an innocent embrace, rips them apart, causing Ted to fall and hit his head – fatally). There was also the famous “Moldavian Massacre” that had a terrorist group gunning down the show’s main characters during a royal wedding. Talk about a cliff hanger.

3. The famous cameos: Betty Ford (a Studio 54 flunky, first lady and rehab founder) guests on the show with President Gerald Ford, along with Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. Classy.

4. The AIDS factor: Rock Hudson joined the show at one point, causing speculation about his health. He kissed Evans in a scene before news broke that he was HIV-positive, creating rumors that Evans was at risk.

5. The spin-off shows: The Colbys, anyone? We can’t think of a better way to spend this rainy week than by catching up on these campy shows.